Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?
This is a common question as the term “soft washing” has really started to catch on over the past few years. The simple answer is that soft washing is a low pressure approach to cleaning a surface and utilizes soaps and detergents to release a stain instead of high-pressure water. Surfaces such as stucco, wood, vinyl siding, and any painted surface would benefit from soft washing. On the other hand, more porous surfaces like stone and brick tend to hold onto stains and need a bit more pressure to release the dirt.

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing?
There is really no difference between the two terms. Either phrase can be substituted for our service. Don’t be concerned about the term “power” or “pressure. Titan Pressure Washing technicians are trained to use the proper pressure to clean each surface.

How often should I have my property pressure washed?
Depending on the areas being pressure washed and the surrounding landscape this can range from a quarterly service all the way up to every two years. Houses with lots of trees and shade are more suited for algae growth and will likely need more frequent cleanings. Also, consider the difference the weather makes. In years with higher rainfall, we tend to see more green and black organic growth on the exterior surface, especially in corners or areas that do not see much sunlight. Your preferences will ultimately determine the right schedule for your property. Once you have your home looking great we can put together a maintenance plan to make sure it stays that way.

How is pricing for my pressure washing service determined?
The cost for each pressure washing service is dependent on a number of factors, including home size and siding type, the condition of the home, the time required, and other factors unique to your home.

Why Do I need My House Pressure Washed?
It is imperative to maintain a clean property for the aesthetic value and much-desired curb appeal, along with providing lasting protection against building material degradation. When mold, mildew, algae and other airborne contaminants are allowed to remain on the exterior surfaces of a property, they will contribute to premature paint failure and can also cause permanent staining on your siding material, concrete & gutters. Their root systems will grow into surfaces causing it to split and crack.

Pressure washing the home’s exterior is an easy and affordable way to improve the appearance of your home. Even homes with brick and stucco siding can be washed if done correctly. Did you know you can add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value of your home by presenting it in a clean, well taken care of state?

Another reason is health. Algae, mildew, and mold are not good for your respiratory system and can create allergies. If your home is washed regularly, the mildew cannot spread to the inside of your home and start new growth inside.

Why should I pressure wash my concrete?
Concrete cleaning is as much protection as it is aesthetic. Pressure washing concrete removes built up dirt and grime. pressure washing and cleaning concrete can also help prevent a slippery surface. Concrete can become a breeding ground for algae. This is especially important around steps, swimming pools, driveways, and sidewalks.

What is the difference between PSI and GPM?
GPM stands for gallons per minute while PSI stands for pounds per square inch. The GPM is the measurement of how much water comes out of a pressure washer while PSI is the measurement of how strong the force of the water is coming out. This means that the PSI is what provides the power to penetrate deeper into the pores of a surface and the GPM is what allows you to spread the work over a larger area.

A machine with high PSI (3000+) but low GPM (less than 5gpm) will result in a machine that can clean small areas well but is inefficient for cleaning larger projects.
On the other end would be a machine with high GPM (>5gpm) but low PSI (<3000). This machine would be great for rinsing dirt away but would not be great for removing tough stains.

The effectiveness of a pressure washer depends on how the PSI and GPM work in tandem. Generally, having a pressure washer with higher figures for both GPM and PSI means a faster and easier time in cleaning. The key thing to remember when it comes to power washer GPM vs PSI is that these two have to work together. This means that both should match well for optimal cleaning results.”

Why should I choose a professional to pressure wash my home?
Pressure washing can quickly become a science project without proper experience. The surface, cleaning product, pressure, and type of pressure washer you’re using all play a vital role in how clean your surface will get. More importantly, for how long they will stay clean too. Titan Pressure Washing understands what it takes to clean even the most difficult surfaces. From vinyl siding to concrete, stucco, and paver stones, we have the products, equipment, and insurance to guarantee you a clean surface, every time.

Will high pressure damage my home?
If used incorrectly, yes, high pressure can wreak havoc on your home’s surfaces. Without proper training, you can rip the siding off a home, etch a deck causing permanent damage, or injury can be caused if high pressure touches skin or clothing. Our fully insured and skilled technicians will deliver perfect care to your home. Titan Pressure Washing uses only safe and tested methods for power washing.

Do I have to be home on the day of service?
Titan Pressure Washing technicians work around your schedule, providing cleaning service so convenient that you don’t even need to be at your property while we’re on the job!

If you are not going to be home on the day of service, please remember to close all windows, clear your driveway, and put away fragile decorations on your home and deck.”