Check out the power of our rust remover on these stains that had set for over 20 years! This is an example of a very common issue that we can help solve. Whether you have rust stains, battery acid stains, or some other mineral discoloration, Titan Pressure Washing can help you get back the natural beauty of your stone or concrete. This treatment consists of a combination of processes and cleaners that when used properly can eliminate even the toughest of stains.

This bench had been exposed to the elements and the steel frame had set in rust over many years. From speaking with the owners, we learned that this was actually the replacement for an older bench that had begun the staining process. Needless to say, the owners had been putting up with a discolored porch for much too long.  Contact us today and we would be happy to put together a free custom quote for you. Call Now! 817-789-1881


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