Titan Residential Holiday Cleaning

The Holidays Are Here! The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means holiday lights and decorations, family and friends coming over to visit, and other activities that will bring people to your door. But before you get your home ready for the holidays, give it an early holiday gift in the form of professional residential house cleaning. After all, you don’t want those holiday lights to be shining a spotlight on all the dirt, mold, mildew, grime, and other substances that have accumulated on your home’s exterior over the course of the year. Get your home clean …

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6 Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

Maintaining the cleanliness of a commercial building is tough; these buildings are exposed year-round to a bevy of substances and elements such as gum, birds, pollution, grease, graffiti, dirt, and traffic- that never ends! Your commercial properties can quickly become rundown if not maintained on a regular basis, which includes routine pressure washing and cleaning. Washing these structures independently might be difficult- if not impossible- due to the size, shape, and ground access; don’t risk an injury or doing potential damage to your building. Hire a professional for the job. Get your commercial property pressured cleaned and reap these six …

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House Washing 101

So you have decided to get your house pressure washed, now what? Most homeowners hire a pressure washer for one of two reasons. The most popular reason is to get ready for an event. Perhaps you are hosting a family holiday at your home this year and you want everything to look great for your guests, or perhaps you are getting ready to sell your home so you want it to look the best it possibly can. The second most common reason for a house wash is that the homeowner hasn’t performed any exterior maintenance and the house is beginning …

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Rust stain removal

Rust stains on concrete Sometimes accidents happen, but not to worry, Titan Pressure Washing can help. This particular incident involved a large outpouring of rusty water from a fire sprinkler system where someone forgot to install a capture device to keep the wastewater off of the ground. The resulting stain covered the sidewalks and a large portion of the parking lot. With a stain like this, it is important to make sure the company you hire has the right chemicals and tools to not only clean the stain but to do so correctly. We not only pressure washed the area …

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Concrete Cleaning

This is what it looks like when a huge church youth group gathers hundreds of people, hundreds of gallons of paint, and enormous amounts of flour. What was surely a great deal of fun for all involved was also a large cleanup job in the aftermath. Approximately 500 kids showed up for Color Clash, an event hosted by The Mix – the youth group at Fellowship Church. Luckily Jared Wilson was on site to gather this video for us to share. Certainly, this church event was a great success but in order to restore the parking lot for Sunday service …

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Machinery washing

This large band saw had seen better days. When we got to this machine, it had not been cleaned in over 20 years of service. The new owner was planning to repaint and restore it to full working condition so we set out to remove all of the dust, dirt, grime, and grease. After multiple degreasing applications and some hot water treatment, we were able to bring back some lost luster to this saw. With all of the grease removed this machine is on its way to paint prep and should be up and running in no time. Contact Titan …

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Dumpster Washing

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

  This dumpster pad is a good example of what we often find behind restaurants. The black stains on the ground were caused by runoff of syrup which had built up and been left to sit for several weeks. Fortunately with the right chemicals and some very hot water we were able to melt away the syrup and other grime to leave the area looking much cleaner and safer. If your restaurant has a similar situation give us a call today to discuss setting up a maintenance plan to make sure it gets clean and stays clean. Contact Titan Pressure …

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Power Washing in Fort Worth, Texas

Residential Service

How long have you put up with a situation like this? Don’t let a dirty porch become your norm, let us help you return your home to its former beauty. It’s amazing what a difference power washing can make to your patio, walkways, and driveway. This transformation is an example of what Titan Pressure Washing can do for you. The pictures above show a simple pressure washing service performed with the proper soaps and chemicals. Some properties may need something stronger and we have what is needed for that too. Whatever your needs may be, we would be happy to …

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Rust Removal in Fort Worth, Texas

Resident Pressure Washing

Check out the power of our rust remover on these stains that had set for over 20 years! This is an example of a very common issue that we can help solve. Whether you have rust stains, battery acid stains, or some other mineral discoloration, Titan Pressure Washing can help you get back the natural beauty of your stone or concrete. This treatment consists of a combination of processes and cleaners that when used properly can eliminate even the toughest of stains. This bench had been exposed to the elements and the steel frame had set in rust over many …

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Commercial Pressure Washing

High traffic areas such as commercial stairwells can become a nightmare of grunge, food, dirt, and other spills. Not only is this cosmetically unsightly but it can also become a slip and fall liability from grease and oil buildup. Fortunately, with the proper application of chemicals and hot water, a mess like this one can be turned back into a customer friendly, liability friendly environment. Ensure you are making the best possible impression on your customers, clients, and residents with our help. Contact Titan Pressure Washing today for a free quote! 817-789-1881