Pool Deck Restoration

pressure washing a pool deck

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your backyard ready for summer cookouts with friends and family. Let us remove all of the winter muck and grime that has built up on your pool deck, patio, and outdoor living areas. We have successfully cleaned limestone, kool-krete, natural stone, and a variety of other pool deck surfaces safely and effectively. Each surface is unique in regards to the chemicals and techniques required to properly clean the surface without damaging the hardscape materials. Make sure the company you trust to take care of your home can …

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Titan Pressure Washing Commercial Services

  Curb Appeal If you’re the owner or operator of a business, you know you never get a second chance at a great first impression. That means that appearance is everything for your business when it comes to attracting – and keeping – customers. To get that elusive “curb appeal” that presents your building as the place to go, you’ll need the services of a top-notch pressure washing outfit – and that’s where Titan Pressure Washing comes in. Now more than ever having your commercial building in the best shape possible is a necessity for success. In these stressful times, …

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Residential Stone Restoration

This is another good example of what can happen to a home over time. The photo here shows a residential flagstone patio that had been covered in sap, mold, and mildew. Two Crepe Myrtle’s were overhanging this area and had wreaked havoc on the aesthetics of a wonderful patio. Making this more interesting was the soft grout between the stones. Instead of blasting this with high pressure and potentially causing expensive damage, we used a mixture of bio-friendly chemicals and medium pressure. The results were happy customers and a patio that looks new again.

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Restaurant Pressure Washing

Restaurants are just one of our many commercial clients who need regular maintenance for their customer facing hardscapes. If your business serves the public then make sure you are doing yourself and your customers right by keeping your entryways, sidewalks, and patios fresh, clean, and inviting. At Titan Pressure Washing we are professionally trained and equipped to wash, clean, and seal all high traffic areas to remove stains, minimize slip and fall risk, and keep your customers safe. Give us a call today and let us help you take the best possible care of your customers. 817-789-1881 Contact us today!

French doors pressure washed

Power washing is commonly thought of as being too abrasive for many painted surfaces, especially softer materials such as wood. Here is an example of how pressure cleaning can be utilized to clean a more delicate surface with excellent results. The photo above is from a home in Fort Worth that needed to have a pair of french doors brought back to life. The doors were covered with mildew, and years of dirt as well as about a dozen dirt dobber nests. Through proper chemical pretreatment and moderately applied pressurized water, we were able to bring these doors back to …

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Pressure Washing in Hurst, Texas

We recently had the opportunity to service a business in Hurst, Texas that was in need of some parking lot maintenance in the form of pressure washing. The difference, as you can see, is immediately noticeable. Not only will you be happier, but also your customers will appreciate the clean environment you are providing as the pull up and walk in. We all know that first impressions make the difference, make sure you are making the impression that you want. Let Titan Pressure Washing help, call us today for a free quote or consultation. Contact us today! 817-789-188. Visit us …

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