Concrete and stone are common building materials, perfect for outdoor driveways, foundations, pathways, and even living spaces. These materials are strong but not indestructible. To preserve their structural dignity, premium care and maintenance are necessary.

Naturally occurring stone is perforated, which allows liquids and gases to penetrate through. Any liquid on top of a stone surface will be gradually absorbed, as the stone acts like a sponge.
Concrete, on the other hand, is porous and therefore susceptible to degradation by different elements. For this reason, you need to professionally clean and seal your stone and concrete surfaces.

Why Concrete Sealing Is Important
The porosity of stone and the permeable nature of concrete leave them prone to damage and deterioration. Here are additional reasons why you need to seal these surfaces.

1.    Protection from water absorption
Too much moisture in concrete creates mildew and mold, which cause unsightly discolorations on the surface. It gives the appearance of dirty concrete, even when it’s clean. Concrete sealing helps prevent this.

Salts dissolved in water may seep into the stone, forming gritty white deposits on the surface. After water evaporates, it leaves salty mineral deposits on the surface and between the capillary channels. You may notice spalling on such surfaces. Concrete sealing helps counter this.

2.    Promotes durability
Sealing concrete and stone helps improve their longevity. The sealants extend their lives by reducing wear and tear caused by people, animals, and vehicles. Sealants protect these surfaces from acid rain and erosion, expediting wear and tear.

3.    Improved appearance
Constant exposure to the elements is likely to discolor the concrete and stone surfaces. With time, your driveway starts looking older than it is. A topical sealant will help keep discoloration at bay. It will also maintain the glossy nature of stone and keep it from staining. Sealing stone surfaces also helps block harmful UV rays, which make the stone surfaces fade.

It is essential to take proper care of your concrete and stone surfaces. Professional cleaning and sealing services will keep them well-maintained for a long time. Titan Washing offers these premium services. Contact us for more information.

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