Graffiti is a class of street art found mostly on surfaces such as public transport and building walls. Many types of graffiti are usually accomplished when street artists use spray paint, often enamel, or permanent marker.  Although professionally done urban art is creatively great, others can be an eyesore that is considered vandalism and a widespread community concern. Here is what you need to know about graffiti removal:

Safety First

As mentioned above, graffiti is achieved from a combination of permanent markers, aerosol spray paints, and inks that artists use to paint on a wide range of surfaces and materials, including vinyl, concrete, brick, wood, etc.

Additionally, most graffiti removers use solvents such as mineral spirits and paint thinners that can produce harmful odors. Suppose the removal job is indoors or in an area that is not adequately ventilated. In that case, the fumes can be dangerous to your health and result in symptoms such as respiratory problems, watery eyes, and headaches.

Graffiti Removal Equipment

Graffiti vandals will look for any surface to leave their mark on buildings and vehicles, and furniture. Such surfaces can prove challenging to clean.

This also includes porous surfaces, such as brick, concrete, or stone where graffiti paint has absorbed deep into the surface and a cleaning cloth an abrasive scouring pad or brush won’t do the job.

Before attempting DIY graffiti removal and doing more harm than good, consider the services of a reputable graffiti removal company that will clean and restore your surfaces efficiently and professionally

Professional Graffiti Removal

Graffiti affects more than the aesthetic appearances of a surface. Therefore it requires specific expertise as it can be a time-consuming and back-breaking job for those without the right products and know-how and may cause more damage to the surface than the “art” itself.

Contact us if you are in the market for a commercial and residential graffiti removal company that will use innovative equipment and non-abrasive formulas to strip away and effectively clean unsightly vandalism.

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