This is what it looks like when a huge church youth group gathers hundreds of people, hundreds of gallons of paint, and enormous amounts of flour. What was surely a great deal of fun for all involved was also a large cleanup job in the aftermath. Approximately 500 kids showed up for Color Clash, an event hosted by The Mix – the youth group at Fellowship Church. Luckily Jared Wilson was on site to gather this video for us to share. Certainly, this church event was a great success but in order to restore the parking lot for Sunday service required a decent amount of pressure washing.

As you can see in the above image there wasn’t much visible concrete left when we arrived. Our crew spent a good part of the afternoon removing and discarding trash followed by several rounds of pressure washing and finally a detergent wash to remove the stubborn stains.

The final result was clean concrete that was ready for Sunday service.

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