In every building or business, the parking garage makes the first impression on potential customers, tenants, and employees. And as you know the first impression can make a big difference in how people relate with you and can go as far as influencing whether they engage with you again in the future. So why does a clean parking garage matter so much and how can you go about ensuring it remains clean at all times?

Here are recommendations to keep your parking garage clean:

• Establish a trash pick up routine

• Make trash cans available and accessible

• Sweep the garage on a weekly basis

• Set up a semi-annual pressure washing service

Now that you know how to keep your garage looking clean, read on to see the benefits you stand to enjoy from it:

Retain property value

Like any other property, keeping your parking garage clean can boost the resale value. Failure to regularly clean your garage can lead to a buildup of stains, oils, and other grime which can be difficult to get rid of. In turn, your property will begin to look run down, unclean, and uninviting.  Keeping your parking garage clean will help maintain a professional, welcoming, & clean environment which translates into a higher property value when the time comes to sell.

Better first impressions

As the first thing your clients see when they visit your premises, you cannot afford to ignore the appearance of your parking garage. A clean parking garage can play a huge role in convincing people that you are responsible and therefore the right person to do business with. Studies show that a customer’s impression before entering a business greatly impacts how easily and how much they are willing to spend with that business. If a customer feels dirty, stressed, or concerned they are likely to leave faster and spend less time shopping. These same studies show that if a customer feels clean, welcome, and relaxed they will spend more time and therefore more money in a given business.

Keep current tenants /customers happy

Everybody enjoys living in a clean and hygienic environment, and this extends not only to home, but also workplaces, vehicles, and where we shop. To keep tenants and customers happy, invest in a clean parking garage. This is a great way to show that you care about them, their health, and their experience with you. The easiest way to attract more customers or employees is by taking great care of those you already have.

Maintain public safety

A buildup of oil, grease, and debris can lead to accidents when an individual slips and falls. This is not only a safety concern but can also lead to legal complications. Keeping your garage clean can help avoid such incidents and provide a better experience for everyone.

Indeed, a clean parking garage serves to benefit your business in multiple ways. At Titan Pressure Washing, we strive to help keep your private or business parking garage clean for a better living. Contact us for guaranteed professional services.

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