Stripes and markings on the drive-thru lanes facilitate its safety and functionality by directing the flow of traffic. Over time, however, the strips may fade, resulting in congestion and minor accidents on your drive-thru. The fading may not be evident at times because the lines may still be visible. Here are clearer signs that your drive-thru lane needs restriping.

Frost or rain obscures your striping

Line Strips on the drive-thru lane are often made in bright, bold, and conspicuous markings to ensure visibility even in foul weather. A drive-thru that is shiny as a result of rain, for instance, should still display the crosswalks, arrows, and other markings on the drive-thru. The line striping should also be visible underneath a light layer of frost. If the markings are not visible in bad weather, your drive-thru lane requires a  fresh coat of paint.

Sloppy parking

Stripe lines in a drive-thru show where the vehicle will momentarily park while awaiting service. The lines serve as visual cues for how cars should be spaced or lined up while in a queue. A drive-thru where these lines are invisible may see cars knocking each other due to their proximity. If this occurs in your drive-thru lane,then you will need to make the demarcations clearer.

The surface of your drive-thru is wearing away

Over time, the asphalt, which makes up the drive-thru’s top layer, wears away, and so do the markings on it. It is almost impossible to make out the lines in such an instance, forcing you to resurface the drive-through with a layer of asphalt and give the stripes some fresh color.

It’s been long since you restriped

Most businesses do not bother to repaint their drive-thrus. Whereas a good striping job can last you a couple of years, the lines will ultimately fade away as time passes. As a rule of thumb, you should re-strip your drive-thru at least once every five years, even when it seems okay.

A drive-thru ensures speed, convenience, and a seamless service experience for your customers. Drive-thru lanes need clear visible stripes to control traffic better and protect pedestrians. Titan Pressure Washing offers commercial striping services for businesses in North Texas. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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