Rust stains on concrete

Sometimes accidents happen, but not to worry, Titan Pressure Washing can help. This particular incident involved a large outpouring of rusty water from a fire sprinkler system where someone forgot to install a capture device to keep the wastewater off of the ground. The resulting stain covered the sidewalks and a large portion of the parking lot. With a stain like this, it is important to make sure the company you hire has the right chemicals and tools to not only clean the stain but to do so correctly. We not only pressure washed the area we also treated the rust stains with a chemical process to break down the oxidation. It is also important that none of the chemicals we use pollute the stormwater runoff. Because of our training and skilled technicians we were able to completely remove the stain without having any water or chemicals ever reach a drain. If you have a stain, spill, or problem that you aren’t sure how to clean properly we would be happy to help. Give us a call or send in a contact request and we will have a representative reach out to discuss the specific details for your project and provide a free estimate.

If your situation happens to require services outside of the scope we offer we will still work to find you the right solution with someone who can help. Our goal is to help solve your situation with minimal effort on your part.

Contact us today to see how Titan can help you.  817-789-1881.


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